Couples & Family Therapy / Addiction / Life Coaching

Relationships And Marriage

We specialise in marriage, premarital and family therapy, providing you with the support you need to revitalise your relationship and discover the most effective solutions to the challenges couples often face.

Our approach is warm, interactive and practical to focus on short-term results, so that you can quickly experience more ease and connection with your partner.

Our goal is to support you in having the fulfilling , passionate relationship you desire.

Improving Communication

Are you getting stuck in the same arguments again and again?  We can help you resolve underlying issues, so that you can easily speak about the things that matter the most.Building Trust:

Intimacy is built on trust and when trust in a relationship has been compromised, it can feel very lonely.  Marriage counselling can support you in taking the steps for rebuilding trust and connection.Igniting Passion:

Do you feel more like roommates than lovers?  Has your sexual passion declined? Couples counselling can help you rediscover the vitality of your physical and romantic relationship.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is one of the most powerful forms of support to create revolutionary changes in our lives.  Raise your self-awareness through a process of inquiry and personal discovery, increasing effective choices and actions.

Life Coaching can help you find your unique gifts and talents to be purposeful and fulfilled in your own distinct way to get going on the business of living.

Your coach provides motivation, support and guidance to help you identify and achieve your goals in all types of situations.

Your coach will help propel you forward while standing by your side with constant support and feedback, allowing you to become accountable and empowered by your decisions.


What is an addiction?  You can ask the question to several people and receive several different answers.  Some say addiction is an inability to cope with emotions and everyday life, others say addiction is a disease possibly inherited from genetics. Another answer could be that it’s a way to decrease pain and increase pleasure or decrease anxiety.

Here, we believe there are many factors involved when dealing with addiction.

Common Addictions

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco

  • Pain Medications

  • Drugs

  • Gambling

  • Food

  • Video Games

  • Internet

  • Sex

  • Shopping

  • Work

Watching a family member, loved one or friend struggle with addiction is difficult and at times can feel overwhelming.

Our aim is to provide a safe and welcoming environment that is inclusive and respectful. We will both listen and guide you towards your own individualised recovery care plan.

We can help you make the changes you want to make.