Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

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We are proud to be affiliated with Instant Whites UK, using dentist approved and dentist made products without harmful peroxides

UK-MADE PEROXIDE-FREE Professional Teeth Whitening

As we go through life, our teeth slowly change from their original pearly shade to darker shades of yellow or brown.  These changes can be the result of several internal and external factors including:

  • Drinking tea, coffee, and red wines
  • Eating foods high in colour
  • Smoking
  • Age
  • Exposure to certain medications such as Tetracycline or Fluoride

Since the cause of teeth becoming dull or stained is different from patient to patient, we spend time with each customer to establish the cause of the dullness or yellowing of the teeth and discuss likely results of the treatment on an individual basis.

​We use the latest technology in Laser teeth whitening and provide a safe and effective treatment that delivers instant results.

​Our system is capable of removing years of staining without compromising the integrity of the enamel or the tooth, leaving a healthy and beautiful white smile and our patients benefiting from a 45 or 60 minute treatment.

45 or 60 minute Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

After a full consultation ensuring that you are suitable for teeth whitening, the current shade of your teeth will be checked using a dental shade guide.

A non-peroxide gel is applied to the teeth. Usually the front top and bottom 10 teeth can be reached during in-clinic whitening.

The whitening gel will be activated with a special L.E.D. light whilst you relax.

Your post-laser teeth shade will be assessed and compared with your pre-treatment shade.

On average, our clients will see a 2-12 shade improvement.



45 or 60 Minutes

A New Smile

Laser Teeth Whitening

Images are individual cases.    Results will vary.



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