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Botox and Dysport are very effective to reduce lines and wrinkles and popular for the following areas:

  • Frown lines
    Frown lines can be seen as vertical lines between the eyebrows and are common in people who frown a lot or have been overexposed to the sun.
  • Forehead lines/wrinkles
    Forehead wrinkles appear as horizontal lines on the forehead, which are more prominent when the eyebrows are raised.
  • Brow Lift
    Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to achieve an eyebrow raise or what’s known as a “Chemical Brow Lift”. This treatment can open up the eyes to give a more youthful appearance.
  • Crow’s Feet
    Crow’s feet are found in the outer corner of the eyes. They appear more prominent when smiling or laughing. They occur as the skin becomes less elastic with age, combined with excessive sun exposure.
  • Smoker’s lines
    Smoker’s lines appear around the mouth above the top lip. They can occur in non-smokers, but can appear more prominent in smokers.
  • Marionette Lines
    Anti-wrinkle injections can be injected into the corners of the mouth, alleviating the sad appearance that can occur with ageing.
  • Bunny Lines
    Bunny lines are wrinkles at the top of the nose, which can appear when squinting or frowning.
  • The chin (mentalis
    The chin can be treated to give a less bulky and dimpled appearance which tends to occur as we age.

All our injectables are given by fully qualified and expeienced cosmetic practitioners, who tailor the strength of your treatments to your individual needs.

The treatment itself takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete and no recovery period is required, enabling you to drive or head back to work immediately.

Where can Dermal Fillers be used?

How much Botox/Dysport do I need?

Dermal Fillers are the non-surgical way to rejuvenate particular areas of your face (and lips) by adding volume and a big boost of hydration.

As we age, we start to lose volume in certain areas of the face which can make us look tired and sunken. This is caused by the body’s decreased ability to produce collagen and elastin.

Unlike wrinkles which require muscle relaxants to soften them, facial volume and folds require a dermal filler to help re-volumise and hydrate the area.